14 March 2011

Tutorial ; Background and Border kat Sidebar


SATU , Login >>
Dashboard >> Design >> Edit HTML >>Tick Expand Widget Templates .

DUA , CTRL + F and cari h2 {

TIGA , Banyakbanyak code yang kat bawah h2 { tu cari code color: $(widget.title.text.color); atau
text-transform: uppercase;

EMPAT , Copy and paste-kan code kat bawah ni dekat bawah codewarna purple kat atas tu

border: 2px solid #B93B8F;

LIMA , tukar code warna border and tambah url background kay .

ENAM , kalau nak center-kan just tambah text-align:center; bawah h2 {

Preview , Save , DONE !

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Hi! I'm the writer and author of this webpage. Currently studying in SM Sains Kubang Pasu or know as KUPSIS in Kedah. A Kedahan girl for sure! 2017 is my senior year there and I'm fighting to 9A+ in SPM. Do pray the good result for me and others 1317 warriors. Thank you for your time :)

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