1 December 2016

EIE : Eureka Innovation Exhibition 2016

Assalamualaikum, Salam Sejahtera. :)

So, I've participated myself to an innovation competition. I was quite nervous since I've no experience in it andddd it's international! fuh. Can you have example in your mind, me as a potato student and non-experience much participant will be ask some random questions by visitors or even judges with their slang! haha mati eden :3

So, we've prepared for the competition I think about 3 weeks kot entah la tak ingat. We participated as a team. form 4 included me, maliza, amni, adlina, wan afiqah and form 5 students are kak syikin, kak munawwarah, kak ke'on. and sorng lagi lupa huhhu sorrryyyy sis

So, Whats project that I brought along?

Good Question!

An Eco-Wallet!

what is it?

Well... basically a wallet. the special things about it, It fully made from recycle plastics that you throw it away.

UniKL Spanish Institute in Kulim is realllllyyy gr8! I love it! Everything was just nice u know. And the most important, they have a realllyyyy gooddd and stronggg and fast freeee internet connection!

You know what, I've only slept for 3 hours only on the first night! what did I do? Watching W-Two World LOL. hahaha. But thanksfully, I managed to be more energized and woke up early. haha. 


My partner is disclaiming our visitor from others school

Both of us. Idk why I Look super happpy lol

Our project!

All of us. We sent about 6 or 7 teams there

We won silver medals! Yay!

Although it was quite tired, but I realllyyy enjoyed it much! I want to join moreeee pls teacherrr hahaha. So, that's all I guess. Till then!


  1. You did a great job dear. i just noticed that you are studying in SM Sains Kubang Pasu. Is it near to UUM because I'm studying here

    1. I've been there for a camp! Haha. also, my friend's father is a lecturer there. Dr Suhardi ke suhaidi tah. hehehe. Thnk you for your lovely words akak! <3

  2. In Shaa Allah adik boleh buat... percaya pada diri ok...
    bawa nama Malaysia tu...
    Allah Yuftah Alaikum...

  3. Wow. All the best dik! ;)

    follower #9475

  4. Nice :) Very creative on the eco wallet idea.. All the best, and thanks for visiting my blog. Yours pun lawa, I love the colour scheme ;)

    1. pleasure! Thank you for lovely words 😘💕

  5. Assalamualaikum..
    salam perkenalan dari akak buat adik Faqihah..
    Done follow sini..
    Blog Faqihah sangat cantik dan simple..
    akak suka.. Tak serabut..

  6. Eco Wallet sound interesting. Keep it up Faqiha. :D


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