31 October 2016

Loooonggg timeeee no seeee, bloglovelies!

Assalamualaikum, Salam Sejahtera. :)

So, a warm hello to you, who currently reading this post. I'm very sorry for let my blog in miserable way, didn't post any entry, just gone like that. I don't know.. Maybe I was too lazy to type, or didn't have any ideas on what I should share with you, or didn't have time with blogger. huhuuh the third reason quite goyah hahaha. why? everyone have 24 hours per day and, they managed to do many task within the hours! why not me? so maybe I'm lazy or don't have any ideas hehe

The latest activity I joined. Perkhemahan Unit Uniform SMSKP 2016.
So, this year, I've joined so many activities, programs and competition along 2016.. InshaAllah (i dont promise you), I'll update some of them. yay! I feel quite excited to share with you guys, how I survived in SBP.

Honestly, I didn't even dream to stay in KUPSIS (Kubang Pasu Science School)(SM Sains Kubang Pasu) until today, and still counting days. NEVER. Yes, I also have thought to leave the school and join SMK or SM Teknik. I don't know... I feel like "susah la duk sini" "semua duk sini pandai pandai" "boleh ke aku ni" "semua orang macam tak suka kat aku je sini" "peluang aku macam lagi cerah je kat luar sana" and many more! including, HOMESICK hahahahahah. k k

So, inshaAllah. I'll slowly start blogging back.. furthermore, I already forget some of the codes on designing blog and lost my creativity hahahah how can?

So, welcome back, dearself. Enjoy.