23 September 2017

Of SPM's trial 2017

Assalamualaikum, Salam Sejahtera. :)

Just like usual phrase, long time no see fellas! How well are you going past few days? What are you doin' right now? oh sorry, i forgot. Basically, you're reading my writing now haha (h a m b a r)

So, basically, last month, on August or more specifically on 7th day of August, my batchmate, EXTESSO GEN., others 2000's babies (that studying in SBP - because I've been informed that the schedule are different according to type of school and area) and I were sitting on on of the important examination, which is SPM Trials.

"Eh trial je kot. Manada penting"

Uh hello? In my knowledge, my teacher informed me last week, he said that "Trial SPM ni penting tau. Nama ja percubaan, tapi kalau tiba-tiba banjir. Waktu tu, examiners yang mark your papers couldn't save the SPM Scripts that they got, the paper kembang, rosak, hilang hanyut, they used your trial's marks and grades. Macam yang berlaku di pantai timur waktu banjir besar haritu.."

Nauzubillah, moga hanya yang baik-baik saja berlaku pada kita semua, See, that's scary duh.

So, it's not the name or type of exam that matter here, percubaan je, ujian prestasi ke whatever you called them. But it's  YOU. How well are you doing so far since you're studying there for almost 5 years. Oh maybe more than that - from standard 1 or preschool. (You know, pembelajaran sepanjang hayat)

Whatever it is, DO THE BEST. Show to your parents, friends, teacher, even your haters, THE BEST VERSION OF YOURSELF. Make them impress with you, make them curious with your life - how did he study eh? so smart. I'm not mentioning in examination only, but all the things that you wanna do. It takes sacrifices to achieve something better. Remember this  famous quote,

"Difficult roads often leads to beautiful destination"

 Make people always remember your outstanding achievement and good behavior. I know, sometimes cruelties happens in this world. Sampai, you couldn't find the good one. so, y not be the good one? As nanti in hereafter - akhirat, you got saksi said good compliments about you, which can leads you to syurga?

If you're good in some subjects, teach others. Tak kan luak pun ilmu yang diajar kat orang lain tu, malah, semakin bertambah lagi ada la. :) The more you give, the more you get.

Don't be selfish. If your friends ask you some questions that they didn't know, or maybe ask you to teach them, just tell and explain to them what you know. I often la dengar my friends or even myself, seringkali dapat balik ayat "Sorry weh, aku pun tak reti tajuk ni" "weh, aku tak study lagi la tajuk ni" em, for me la kan. It's okay to said that if you're really meant it. Maybe your level of tak reti and tak study tu tak sama macam the one who asked you. Maybe they like seriously didn't know the topics. So, just tell them what you know in your head. SHARE, KONGSI. Don't let them go back dengan perasaan hampa. At least, a little sharing would not make them kecil hati. hehe. It's good to have discussion. It's will help you to be more memorize it - based on my experience lah.

This trials make me awake. There's a lot of things that I still didn't know on particular subtopics. benarlah,
 "the more you learn, the more you didn't know". - Imam Ghazali🎓
Eventho didn't managed to get all As in this trials, but alhamdulillah, more improvement than before. I would like to congratulate for those who get excellence result, good job! Keep the momentum and don't be in your comfort zone much. Anything can happens. Hadza min fadhli rabbi. This is all from the Grace of my Lord, Allah. Always remind yourself with that phrase and be thankful. For those who are not achieved their target yet (like me haha) , It's okay, we still have time, geng!! Stay focus! Do more exercises, Alert with the pattern questions - FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions), Stay close to HIM (not ur pakwe ok girls, but Allah).💘

Ok lah. I need to stop now. Chiaos guys! sorry for all my wrong doings, hate speech ke apa ke. This post is a reminders for me and you guys, not to burn anyone's heart. All goods from Him, the bads are from the small me. Adios kudos!