8 November 2016

Asean Leadership English Summer Camp 2016

Assalamualaikum, Salam Sejahtera. :)

So, this is a throwback memories and stories. I think it is quite interesting to share with you guys. The event was held early in this year. I've been selected to be a facilitator eventho I'm not from English Language Society. huhuhu. I've been joined this international event since I was in form 2. hehe

a potato facilitator

Me with super-friendly-humble-sporting teacher ever.

Chatting in English. the foreign student currently chatting with our english teacher, Madam Saliza 

Last night they were here. With my group <3


The teacher from theirs

Right after the registration

Ice breaking session

Senamrobik stuff in not so early morning

wuu explorace!

chill guys, I'm just ask her to find chocolates in flour only hehe

oh come to the end

Malam kebudayaan

So, It's already comes to the end. Till we meet again! Best jugak la. Dpat belajar dari diorang, dapat mengajar diorang jugak. add some intenational friends. huhu. rindu seyh. act ada vid yng nak tunjuk, tapi error ja dari tadi :/ so bye!


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